Did You Know?

Did You Know?

When it comes to groups of animals, we're all familiar with "a herd of sheep" and "a"flock of birds," but here are six fun and unexpected collective nouns for other animals.


1. Flamboyance of Flamingos - What better word for this outrageously pink bird with a gracefully curved neck?

2. Sloth of Bears - The word sloth is derived from the Middle English word for slow.

3. Obstinacy of Bison - Why obstinacy? Ask anyone whose car has been blocked by bison at Yellowstone and you'll have the answer.

4. Zeal of Zebras - They're also referred to as a "dazzle." But the term is, like many collective nouns, simply for fun. 

5. Bloat of Hippos - They're big and they seem to float, so why not?

6. Kindle of Kittens - If they are born to the same mother, the term would be "litter," but if they are unrelated, the term is "kindle."


The next time you encounter a peculiar gathering of animals you'll have some charming and surprising terms to delight and impress your friends. 

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